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Best Text Messaging Apps for Mesotherapist

We daily use our smart phones for different purposes and one of them is for doing text messaging to our friends or family members.

Whether you are a student, doctor, lawyer, mesotherapist or a banker – you need are always required to stay in touch with many people especially to people who are related to your profession.

As mesotherapist we need to stay connected with our patients always — we have collected some apps that any dermatologist can use.

Therefore we have made a list of some text apps for your Android device that will help you to maximize your connectivity level and become more productive when it comes to text messaging.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry messenger is one of the most oldest text messaging apps. It was solely devoted to BlackBerry phones but once the Android phones prevail BlackBerry suffered a great downfall because of which they needed to replace their OS with Android.

They decided to keep their text app and they have even uploaded it on Play Store for Android users so that they can use it.

It offers some fantastic features including some must-have options including sending images, files and symbols.

Google Hangouts

If you are a Google Plus user then you can also use Google hangouts and it’s also available for Android users.

It’s a very easy to use app and there is no great functionality or complication involved within the app.

You can also use it for doing normal text messaging from your phone to other phone numbers.

Google Allo

Google Allo is another good platform for the same purpose. It is also available for iOS users to do free chatting.

Google has also introduced Google Assistant feature that is very help and makes many thing s easy for you.

There are tons of free features like symbols, stickers, you can also send GIF files and it also has emojis for translating messages into different languages.


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